How To Speak Chemistrian: Crash Course Chemistry #11

Learning to talk about chemistry can be like learning a foreign language, but Hank is here to help with some straightforward and simple rules to help you learn to speak Chemistrian like a native.

Table of Contents
Determining Formulas and Names of Monatomic Ions 2:06
Finding Cation-and Anion Forming Elements on the Periodic Table 3:29
Writing Formulas and Naming Transition Metals 4:02
Naming Acids and their Anions 5:35

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John Dean Moxley a negligent Brevard County Judge is in the news again


It appears John Dean Moxley a Brevard Conty Judge has sat on the bench for injustice again. Moxley, a judge in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court located in Brevard County, previously denied an injunction for protection that resulted in a 23 year old girl being shot to death. It appears Moxley consistently favors chaotic and senseless decisions. Does this judge have common sense or are the actions of this judge intentionally malicious towards society and the public good in general?

“As a judge you have to follow the law. You’re not omniscient. God bless her soul.”, were the words Judge Moxley said to the Orlando Sentinel after his poor decision making resulted in a young girl’s death. WFTV Chanel 9 News covered the previous story and the documents were extremely revealing of the gross negligence committed by this judge.

Alissa Blanton was only 23 when she was gunned down and bled to death in her husband’s arms dying shortly after at the hospital. “I drove by your house to see if it was true. I can honestly tell you, and this is not because of the way you treated me, that is the ugliest nastiest color I have ever seen on a house, especially in fl,” were the chilling words in an email by Troy, who gunned her down after Moxley denied Blanton’s petition for protection.

“The evidence was there and, in retrospect, I am puzzled why he wouldn’t have erred on the side of caution,” WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said.

WFTV, obtained a document from the Judicial Qualifications Commission showing Judge Moxley is under review over a complaint made in another case. He has been accused of making a ruling in that case without thoroughly reviewing the case file. Apparently, this isn’t the first time he has been accused of being soft on crime:

Career criminal Steven Lunn said in May, 2003: “I like Moxley. He knows me. I got a problem, he’ll take care of it.”

Moxley released violent criminal Derrick Henderson in February, 2003 on his signature days before he was to go to prison for six years. He disappeared.

Moxley lowered an accused child molester’s bond so he could get out of jail after being accused of stalking 12- and 13-year-old girls.

Judge Moxley has been on the bench for 25 years. He was re-elected in 2008 without opposition. He is up for re-election in 2014. He makes $142,000/year.

Today Judge Moxley has continued his legacy of chaos and abuses of discretion again, as he claims he is not omniscient, or all knowing as defined. This time he is on the record and recklessly disregarding documents from the Florida bar. Judge Moxley stated “I’m not noticing anything from the Florida Bar“, as he was months prior, given copies of documents pertaining to the fraudulent adoption plan taking place in his courtroom. One of the documents was a Florida bar response from Attorney Scarlett Davidson which put forth to the Florida Bar she had not filed any adoption petition and that no one was trying to adopt the child.However, attached to the notice to Judge Moxley in the fraudulent adoption case was a certified copy of the cover sheet stating it was for an adoption.

The child was kidnapped by Yvonne Howard and hidden for over half a month who then appeared in court and lodged the defense she had no problems with the father. Yvonne Howard, to be clear, as a finding of fact hid the child without any court order and prevented any contact with the child. This fact was found by the Honorable Judge Crawford who was the original judge on the case. Yvonne Howard was then clearly allowed to commit perjury and alienate the child by violating court orders without any recourse due to all the procedural and civil rights violations. Yvonne Howard testified that the father had never harmed the child and the department of children and families declared they did not file the petition through out the case. In fact it was a private petition by Yvonne Howard and her attorney Scarlett Davidson.

Since you have to terminate parental rights for an adoption various actions were pursued by Yvonne Howard and Scarlett Davidson under color of law. These actions even violated federal law as Supervising Attorney Cassandra Elken stated to Judge Moxley months before. Elken is the supervising attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families who stood up and stated “Federal laws were violated in this case”. Attorney Scarlett Davidson even resorted to witness tampering by having the father arrested for serving her a subpoena to get her testimony. Since there was no abuse abandonment or neglect, Judge Moxley allowed Attorney Scarlett Davidson to amend her petition to terminate parental rights for her having the father arrested. More news to come.


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Federal funding fraud at the expense of abused, abducted and exploited children

Federal funding fraud at the expense of abused, abducted and exploited children

By: Correspondent Joseph Kirk 28 April 2013

Funding fraud on the backs of Brevard County children
Funding fraud on the backs of Brevard County children
Getty Images/Paula Bronstein

A local father speaks out for children and families everywhere from Brevard County Florida. The current conditions of the system and its abuses of discretion appear appalling to say the least. When individuals improperly use the system for personal financial gain and kickbacks at the expense of children it is clear that the children suffer the most.

It is astonishing the amount of Title IV-E Funding, and all the money that comes along with it, is made off the backs of children who are sold into slavery. As you read this you will see the States are rewarded for adopting out children. They make a bonus and they make a bigger bonus when they adopt out older kids.

This father has launched a petition with the White House located at Which accurately details the actions currently taking place in Brevard County Florida link by link. The current abuses committed against vulnerable children and their families can only be viewed as another means of funding fraud.

© 2012 Nokia© 2013 Microsoft Corporation
Location: 2825 judge fran jamieson way, viera, fl

28.24566078186 ; -80.739463806152

Previously the Government Accountability Office conducted a test with 5 states. The five states GAO tested lacked controls over child care assistance application and billing processes for unregulated relative providers, leaving the program vulnerable to fraud and abuse. Posing as fictitious parents and relative providers, GAO successfully billed for $11,702 in child care assistance for fictitious children and parents. In most cases, states approved GAO’s fictitious parents who used Social Security numbers of deceased individuals and claimed to work at nonexistent companies. One state also approved a fictitious child care provider with a deceased person’s Social Security number, creating the possibility that a criminal using a stolen identity could obtain federal subsidies to care for children.

More info found here:

So at this time it appears the funding fraud has moved from the fictitious and deceased to real live families and their children being destroyed and exploited. According to a study by the Government Accountability Office Funds authorized under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act make up the large majority of federal child welfare funds, but are designated for purposes such as providing room and board payments for children in foster care and subsidies to adoptive parents, and generally cannot be used for child welfare services. However, 14 states have waivers allowing them to use these funds more flexibly to improve child and family outcomes. Among GAO’s selected states, Florida had a waiver allowing it to use some Title IV-E funds for in-home services designed to prevent foster care placement.

More info found here:

To learn more about the Government Accountability Office and who to contact about suspected fraud you can find that information here:

Although these funds are supposed to be used to prevent children from being removed they are often removed while individuals pretend to provide those services. The average individual in an everyday family setting would not know who to turn to if their child were taken by simulated legal process. Furthermore, how can they compete when the other party has an unlimited supply of financial resources?

The federal government is a vast money transfer machine. It spends hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars each year on subsidy programs—from the massive Medicare to hundreds of more obscure programs that most people have never heard of. There are more than 1,800 federal subsidy programs.

With such a huge array of handouts, the federal budget has become victim to large-scale fraud and abuse—that is, people taking government benefits to which they are not entitled. Just about every subsidy program suffers from fraud and abuse. Losses to federal taxpayers from fraud, abuse, and other types of improper payments are in the ballpark of $100 billion a year or more. Here we can see that the dollars and cents are adding up quickly, being waged upon the backs of America’s youth.

This father had his child abducted by a grandmother who committed fraud and gained that funding through the simulated legal processes of her alleged accomplice Attorney Scarlett G. Davidson. A video was posted on youtube showing the finding of fact. Video located here:

Although the child has military insurance the grandmother obtained medicaid to pay for psychotropic drugs for the child which were prescribed without any diagnosis. Florida Statute 39.407 specifically defines how the use of psychotropic drugs can be provided along with Florida Administrative codes 65E and 65C. However, the grandmother was able to obtain medicaid to pay for prescriptions without any diagnosis, parental consent or a judges order. The father has posted a video here:

Often the people committing funding fraud and the like are skilled legal professionals as the father outlines with 4 videos. The father also shows a non-legal document towards the end of video 4 as shown below.





This father has never had the chance to defend himself at any point for a period of 3 years and has posted pictures and notations at the following links, entitled Truth, expressing his opinions of the actions taking place in Brevard County Florida.



In closing it appears there is a lot more going on in Brevard County than most are willing to talk about and the father has asked families everywhere to respond by signing the following petition launched at…

This has been another objective review.

UK BBC reports attempt to pass snooping bill was there more?

UK BBC reports attempt to pass snooping bill was there more?

What the big guns already do

Author: Correspondent Joseph Kirk | Ocala, 28.04.2013

Will big corporations sell you out? Source: Public Domain /

Is your entire life being sold?
Source: Public Domain

GNA – Joseph Kirk Responds:
Don’t the big corporations contract that they will not share your information in their signup agreements?
Home Office plans to store details of Britons’ online activity will not happen while the Liberal Democrats are in government, Nick Clegg has said. -BBC NEWS UK

Its intriguing the insurmountable endless piles of knowledge and technology we have today and yet their are few who truly understand it. Have the lawmakers been blind sided? Who advises them on technology? Are they up to date? Can they keep up? Does anyone know how, when or why they cannot keep up? Is it their job to speak geek? Has anyone set aside the endless rhetoric and stated things in Plain English? Why not? What are they hiding?
Hackers, Crackers, Coders, Law makers and every day civilians alike have to learn to speak as if attending international negotiations between more countries than there are in the entire world. This task seems impossible as at first approach it is overwhelming. The language of technology changes as the technology changes and its hard to keep up for most ‘end users’ (the people who use the technology and programs people make).

What is all this? What does it mean? How do I find out? Where can I research this? How do I begin? Where do I begin? Yet the answer is still simple. As the world embraced technology the technology embraced the people and people may have forgotten how to interact or merely socialize as human beings.

Mr Clegg said he would be willing to accept changes to take account of new technology – such as ensuring each mobile device had its own unique IP address.

However, has Mr Clegg seen a phone be copied spoofed or even clone another Phone’s ID numbers which include mac addresses ESN’s and etc? A mac number is the number assigned to a device and an ESN is another number assigned to the device. In simple terms its like a phone number assigned to a device except the device such as a cell phone has more than one.

But, he said: “What people have dubbed the snooper’s charter – I have to be clear with you, that’s not going to happen. -BBC NEWS UK

Let us review:

Google has a quite successful business selling its core apps gmail, calendar, drive, docs etc to businesses, with professional support and features. Scary? All of those services allow us to almost painlessly export the data and take it to another app, web-app or desktop-based application. Data collection and portability. In fact, go ahead and do it now as a backup.

Facebook collects browsing data to provide content and ads more relevant to your interests. This makes the Facebook experience more appealing. Where the user does not have to manually browse for the information while he or she satisfies their curiosity.The applications designed to make everyday life easier on the User.

The almighty like buttons or remove or untaq buttons tell the database where your information is stored what to display and what not to. Describing who you are and what your interests are. What the informed people are trying to do is pull the wool over people and law makers eyes to get a hold of that information. It would be the most horrid invasion of privacy ever known to mankind.

What of curiosity and new ideas? What about free thought? While people follow the pre-programmed and marketed response to their already known likes and dislikes how will they develop new ideas being lead by a machine? Where is the spontaneity needed for new ideas to be born, developed and brought to life?

“What people have dubbed the snooper’s charter – I have to be clear with you, that’s not going to happen. In other words the idea that the government will pass a law which means there will be a record kept of every website you visit, who you communicate with on social media sites, that’s not going to happen. It’s certainly not going to happen with Liberal Democrats in government.” said Mr. Clegg according to the BBC NEWS UK.

Is there a treasure trove of data which you can dip into if you need to?Are there doubts whether it was even technically feasible?

They do it everyday as there are even artificially intelligent call bots, Chat bots and virtual assistants which learn how to serve you better by observing your habits and interests.

They can market products, things and ideas based on your interests and either over indulge one or filter one out depending on the market for today. Like technological heaven for the corporate pioneer but their are groups that want that information to use it against you to try and predict or control your experience to derive their outcome according to some technological enthusiasts.

“This has been an objective review about bills and laws around the world such as this that appear to be questionable at the least.” ~Correspondent Joseph Kirk

Children forgotten often caught up in the legal system of today

One Florida Judge in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit appears to be working toward setting a new standard in the way the legal systems treats children. Judge Charlie Crawford, a judge in Brevard County, has made note to all parties involved when it comes to family litigation. Children are the center of focus when it comes to custody litigation and often the litigants must leave the child outside the court room sitting on a waiting bench. The reason why children must come to the court house vary at the least for a multitude of reasons. The parent or custodian may have been ordered to appear with the child or possibly for the lack of finding a baby sitter. Judge Charlie Crawford has much experience in the realm of children not only because of his legal career but by being a family man himself. Charlie Crawford is married to Kerry Crawford skilled in physical therapy, due to her career at Health First, and the mother of four children named Mack, Chris, Austin and Kathryn. According to an article published by space Coast Living “the best part about motherhood is raising people you enjoy being with,” says Kerry Crawford the mother of the four. According to that article Judge Charlie Crawford stated “I feel certain all my boys will serve their community in some capacity” and “they have grown up helping the special needs children in this area since their sister has Down Syndrome and have seen their dad work tirelessly with people who are in need.” The conclusion can be drawn that Charlie Crawford has a deep and personal care for children. Judge Crawford with the help of his courtroom deputies and countless volunteers maintained a playroom at the Courthouse for children forced to go to court along with a toy and bicycle room making sure every child had some form of comfort while awaiting the outcome of the hearing, litigation or current judicial business. Judge Crawford’s Judicial experience includes many areas of family law, civil litigation and domestic violence. Currently he serves on the felony criminal bench in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court. Since beginning his Judicial Career, Judge Crawford has instituted several innovative and thoughtful programs in the 18th Circuit including a Special Needs Docket for children allowing their case to be reviewed twice as often. While Judge Charlie Crawford sat the Family Law Bench he instituted Brevard County’s only supervised visitation program with the help of Brevard Family Partnership. Furthermore, he set trials within 90 days of any request, litigants no longer had to wait a year for trial, as delays can be catastrophic for the best interests of a child. Will Judge Charlie Crawford’s legacy and example to the Family Court, on how children are the center of focus and deserve much diligence, concern and care, carry on in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court?

Rock Out The Violence Event At Wickham Park

Rock Out The Violence Event At Wickham Park

Domestic Violence Fundraiser

Author: Journalist Joseph Kirk | Melbourne, Florida, 26.04.2013

Brevard County Sheriffs Source:

Victims Often Silenced
Source: Public Domain

GNA – “Domestic Violence comes in many forms with an everyday changing world it is important that law enforcement continue in their education and be informed. Will some of those funds be used to seek better training and response time to protect those victims?” ~Journalist Joseph Kirk The Objective Review

“I would like to personally thank the members of our Reserve Unit, Bomb Unit, and K-9 Team who worked today’s “Rock Out The Violence” event at Wickham Park. The annual event raises money to help support victims of Domestic Violence in Brevard County. Our team members were instrumental in the success of the event and I greatly appreciate their participation for such a great cause.” ~Sheriff Wayne Ivey
“Domestic victimization is often under reported for reasons such as intimidation, embarrassment, lack of resources and isolation to the world, making victims feel almost incapable of leaving.” ~University of Illinois Springfield Journal Journalist Cameryn BarbeauJuanita Ortiz, UIS criminal justice professor, said, “Oftentimes, the victim feels scared to leave a relationship because they know what the abuser is capable of, and they fear even further harm based on threats about what would happen if they attempt to leave. Such threats can involve harm against the victims, their children, family members, friends or even pets. Abusers can even threaten to kill or hurt themselves and blame it on the victim’s attempts to leave.”
However, there are obvious and painful problems with some domestic violence policies and practices. Too often public policy makers ignore the empirically based policy relevant findings of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) sponsored studies. Too often domestic violence advocates and public policy makers do not even know these studies exist.Many NIJ studies document mandatory policies, practices and “one-solution-fits-all” criminal justice intervention processes have produced some unintended negative consequences. These mandatory polices and practices can save some lives and can make some families safer. However, at the same time NIJ studies documents they can have some negative effects and endanger victims they are intended to protect.

Children Living In Fear
Source: Public Domain

All to often children are left without a voice or placed in harms way by the failure or abuse of the systems designed to protect them. All to often policy makers and the officers charged to enforce them forget their common purpose and sense of duty. That common purpose is to serve and protect. These policies are often referred to as law. However the law in the united states is defined under article VI of the United States Constitution. That law is the supreme law of the land and is designed to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for peace and prosperity. The protection of our youth ensures our legacy of life to continue on for generations to come. What is a law enforcement officer? Its meaning and definition are as plainly understood as the words are written. A citizen that enforces the law as defined in the United States Constitution under Article VI. This is the very reason to be a law enforcement officer those officers are required take the oath to uphold and defend the Constitutions which vest them with lawful authority.

What is LAW? What are Statutes or in some states code? What are rights? What are public policies? What is the common defense? At first it sounds confusing but when examined it is all too simple.Conflicting statutes, policies without awareness can effect our youth and our nation this is why the nation as a whole “we the people” guaranteed a republic form of government.I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Source: Public Domain

In the Pledge of Allegiance we all pledge allegiance to our Republic, not to a democracy. “Republic” is the proper description of our government, not “democracy.” I invite you to join me in raising public awareness regarding that distinction. A republican form of government is a type of government in which the citizens of a country have an active role in the affairs of the government, and the government is not headed by a hereditary ruler such as a king. A republic and a democracy are identical in every aspect except one. In a republic the sovereignty is in each individual person. In a democracy the sovereignty is in the group. In the constitutional republic of the United States of America the government is headed by a President, and includes branches of government which oversee legislation and judiciary matters. There are lots of ways to set up and administer a republican form of government. The important thing to remember is that such a government is not a democracy. Democracy as a concept is integrated into America’s republican form of government to be fair to the citizens giving it authority to govern, but it is also possible to see abuses of power and a ruling class in a republican form of government.

A statute is a written law passed by a legislature on the state or federal level. Statutes set forth general propositions of law that courts apply to specific situations. A statute may forbid a certain act, direct a certain act, make a declaration, or set forth governmental mechanisms to aid society.The power of statutes over other forms of laws is not complete, however. Under the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions, federal and state governments are comprised of a system of checks and balances among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. As the system of checks and balances plays out, the executive and judicial branches have the opportunity to fashion laws within certain limits.
The Executive Branch may possess certain lawmaking powers under the federal or state constitutions, and the judiciary has the power to review statutes to determine whether they are valid under those constitutions. When a court strikes down a statute, it in effect creates a law of its own that applies to the general public.Laws created through judicial opinion stand in contradistinction to laws created in statutes. Case law has the same legally binding effect as statutory law, but there are important distinctions between statutes and case law. Case law is written by judges, not by elected lawmakers, and it is written in response to a specific case before the court.
A judicial opinion may be used as precedent for similar cases, however. This means that the judicial opinion in the case will guide the result in similar cases. In this sense a judicial opinion can constitute the law on certain issues within a particular jurisdiction. Courts can establish law in this way when no statute exists to govern a case, or when the court interprets a statute.Judicial opinions also provide legal authority in cases that are not covered by statute. Legislatures have not passed statutes that govern every conceivable dispute. Furthermore, the language contained in statutes does not cover every possible situation.
Courts tend to follow a few general rules in determining the meaning or scope of a statute. If a statute does not provide satisfactory definitions of ambiguous terms, courts must interpret the words or phrases according to ordinary rules of grammar and dictionary definitions. If a word or phrase is technical or legal, it is interpreted within the context of the statute. For example, the term interest can refer to a monetary charge or ownership of property. If the term interest appears in the context of a statute on real estate ownership, a court will construe the word to mean property ownership. Previous interpretations of similar statutes are also helpful in determining a statute’s meaning.

Source: – The Free Encyclopedia

“Police work is often lionized by jurists and scholars who claim to employ “textualist” and “originalist” methods of constitutional interpretation. Yet professional police were unknown to the United States in 1789, and first appeared in America almost a half-century after the Constitution’s ratification. The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called upon when necessary. This article marshals extensive historical and legal evidence to show that modern policing is in many ways inconsistent with the original intent of America’s founding documents. The author argues that the growth of modern policing has substantially empowered the state in a way the Framers would regard as abhorrent to their foremost principles.” ~Seton Hall Constitutional L.J. 2001, 685

Where does all that money go? Certainly I would hope not to such things as this:

GNA – So with an objective observation, can it be implied the receptionist must sit comfortably behind their glass window in a spacious office? Are the rooms being used for the children and visitation too small? Children confined…

Click here for more: danger-or-safety-the-privitization-of-brevard-county-family-court-services

So what about those children being exploited and abused while officers sit quietly by and are intimidated by attorneys?What can Law enforcement do?Thomas Paine said it best… “use common sense”.Any issue before a review no matter how complex always started by a simple act. The complexities are often a distraction and amid those distractions one important fact is often forgotten.

……. The Victim.

Danger or Safety? The privitization of Brevard County Family Court Services

Danger or Safety? The privitization of Brevard County Family Court Services

Supervised Visitation

Author: Journalist Joseph Kirk | Rockledge, Florida, 27.04.2013

Is this the future of family court visitation? Source: Public Domain

Is this the future for our children?

GNA – So with an objective observation, can it be implied the receptionist must sit comfortably behind their glass window in a spacious office? Are the rooms being used for the children and visitation too small? Children confined…

In the current economy and due to budget cuts certain services within the realm of Brevard County’s Family Court have been leased out to private organizations. These organizations are funded by other private organizations and corporations. Services such as supervised visitation and mediation are privatized out to organizations joined together as a collaborative group called Brevard Family Partnership.
Eckerd Youth Services provides visitation for families in the court system in Rockledge Florida. The visitation center contains offices and a receptionist area, including a lobby or waiting room, as some may call it. In their most spacious areas, upon entering the building, the lobby is welcoming and the receptionist is pleasant. They have three visitation rooms available for use of which are not much bigger than a walk in closet at best. In fact they are equivalent at best to the size of a Brevard County Jail Cell. One room is so small it is fitted with a couch, chair and a television. Having just enough room to sit down there would not even be enough room for the edition of a small coffee table.
The other two rooms are slightly larger but not even equaling the size of the receptionist office.

So with an objective observation, can it be implied the receptionist must sit comfortably behind their glass window in a spacious office? Are the rooms being used for the children and visitation too small? What is the impact on a child in need of services being young, impressionable and full of life and energy? What about the child who has A.D.H.D. and needs to disperse that energy with physical activity? Florida Administrative Code 64E-15.001 section 4 defines a habitable room as follows:

“Habitable Room” – means a room or enclosed floor space of a permanent living quarter used or intended to be used at a recreational camp for living, sleeping, cooking or eating purposes, excluding bathrooms, water closet compartments, laundries, pantries, foyers, connecting corridors, closets or other storage space.

How can such a room be considered for recreation? The visitation centers are supposed to be designed for families to enjoy their time together in a positive environment?

These conditions are placed upon families everyday. Furthermore, in such a small space there is little more to do other than observe a movie. If Eckerd Youth Services is providing supervised services for observing the family unit, how can that task be accomplished by merely movie watching? What kind of impairment does that place upon those families being in a room that can only be considered as confinement for both the child and the parent?

Observing the Eckerd Motto from their website located at , where it states they are the first name in second chances, one can only ponder what kind of second chance is being provided?

This has been another objective review.



Toxic Text Books or People?

Toxic Text Book Movement The Hitlers of The New Age

Censorship and Speech Free Zone

Author: Journalist Joseph Kirk | United States, 26.04.2013

Burning Knowledge Source: Public Domain

Source: Public Domain

GNA – But the unique symbolism of book-burning has a long and sinister history that still lives on today. In a world that is supposed to be free the flames of hate still Rage on. ~Political Correspondent Joseph Kirk – The Objective Review

“, where there used to be a published blacklist of “toxic” books one was not allowed to read and the “autistic” people who had authored them, along with a lot of dark hints about the terrible career-ending fate of anyone who defied their blacklist by citing a toxic paper. Naturally, the most vituperative language was directed towards the first item on the list, Axiomatic Theory of Economics. The link no longer works, though Googling “toxic textbooks” still finds lots of material, so apparently all that has changed is that one must now contact Edward Fullbrook directly for permission to cite someone without the convenience of just checking one’s bibliography off against his blacklist to assure compliance.
It would seem that history would be doomed to repeat itself without the knowledge written in books to assure the mistakes of old are never repeated today. However there are those still kindling the fires of destruction raged against the vast sea of knowledge today. When in the presence of that knowledge before it is carelessly burned, one can only ponder how much more the mistakes of history would repeat without the preservation of books. History, thoughts and ideas whether right or wrong are recorded for the future generation to see.
Axiomatic – Self evident?”
It is axiomatic that those who would burn rather than preserve history are egotistic self proclaiming scholars who seemingly base their intelligence upon their overbearing ignorance.” ~Journalist Joseph Kirk – The Objective Review
Burning of books and burying of scholars, “burning of books and burying (alive) of scholars (implying Confucian scholars)” is a phrase that refers to historical accounts of a policy and a sequence of events in the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China, between the period of 213 and 210 BC. During these events, the Qin emperor slaughtered hundreds of scholars and burned innumerable copies of books.
“Books” at this point probably referred to writings on bamboo strips which were then bound together—whether codices or other types of “books” were destroyed is probably unknown, due to their destruction). This contributed to the loss to history of many philosophical theories of proper government (known as “the Hundred Schools of Thought“). The official philosophy of government (“legalism”) survived. The “Burning of books and burying of scholars” was part of what is known as “the Fires of Qin”.
The Qin emperor died in 210 BC and national chaos ensued. However, despite the lack of a functioning central government to pursue this policy, what happened was further destruction of historical materials: the Qin capital city was sacked and burned in 207 BC, destroying official copies of works which had been retained in the imperial library and official archives, together with the Qin’s own approved literary records. Together with the deaths of many scholars in these few years, the “burning of books and burying of scholars” resulted in an incalculable loss to the history of China, and to human knowledge in general.
Hitler wasn’t the only one to attempt to persuade and redirect the future by erasing the past.
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.”
“”The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes.”
~Quotes by Adolf Hitler
He used history to plan and implement his agendas, and the true defense against historical mistakes and their chaotic effects is knowledge.The only thing toxic about toxic text books is not the book but the one holding the match to light the fire.This has been another objective review by The Objective Review.
Liability for this article lies with the author, who also holds the copyright. Editorial content from GDN may be quoted on other websites as long as the quote comprises no more than 5% of the entire text, is marked as such and the source is named (via hyperlink).

The Market Revolution: Crash Course US History #12

In which John Green teaches you about the Market Revolution. In the first half of the 19th century, the way people lived and worked in the United States changed drastically. At play was the classic (if anything in a 30 year old nation can be called classic) American struggle between the Jeffersonian ideal of individuals sustaining themselves on small farms vs. the Hamiltonian vision of an economy based on manufacturing and trade. I’ll give you one guess who won. Too late! It was Hamilton, which is why if you live in the United States, you probably live in a city, and are unlikely to be a farmer. Please resist the urge to comment about this if you live in the country and/or are a farmer. Your anecdotal experience doesn’t change the fact that most people live in cities. In the early 19th century, new technologies in transportation and communication helped remake the economic system of the country. Railroads and telegraphs changed the way people moved goods and information around. The long and short of it is, the Market Revolution meant that people now went somewhere to work rather than working at home. Often, that somewhere was a factory where they worked for an hourly wage rather than getting paid for the volume of goods they manufactured. This shift in the way people work has repercussions in our daily lives right down to today. Watch as John teaches you how the Market Revolution sowed the seeds of change in the Read more of this post





Author: Journalist Joseph Kirk | Ocala, 25.04.2013



GNA – The furloughs have resulted in slower air traffic in major cities, as well as delays and disruptions across the country causing both economic and political disruption. Have personal political agendas and lack of compromise resulted in an all out guerrilla war between this nations politicians?

so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent. ~John F. Kennedy

On April 23, 2013, in News Releases, by Staff
Governor Scott said, “Today is day three of FAA furloughs. Planes are being delayed and backups are mounting; still, no word from the President in response to our call to immediately end FAA furloughs…”

Kentucky Republican Rep. Hal Rogers said “This imperial attitude … on the part of the administration is disgusting”

Huerta said “I agree this is no way to run a government.”

Let us take another objective review…

Over $600 million of these cuts will need to come from the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that controls and manages our nation’s skies. As a result of these cuts, the vast majority of FAA’s nearly 47,000 employees will be furloughed for approximately one day per pay period until the end of the fiscal year, and in some cases it could be as many as two days.” ~Secretary Ray LaHood, White House briefing, Feb. 22, 2013“In the Department of Transportation’s budget, and members of Congress will point out hundreds of millions of dollars on consulting contracts, on travel. Let’s not cut the air traffic controllers first, let’s go cut the waste.” ~Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.), NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Feb. 24


“The furlough of a large number of air traffic controllers and technicians would require a reduction in air traffic to a level that could be safely managed by the remaining staff, resulting in slower air traffic in major cities, as well as delays and disruptions across the country during the critical summer travel season,” says an administration statement. Huerta testified that the agency has made efforts to reduce the impact of sequester on Americans, including “drastically” reducing overtime. The FAA warned of more flight delays Wednesday “as a result of employee furloughs due to sequestration.” FAA officials have said they have no choice but to furlough all 47,000 agency employees, including nearly 15,000 controllers, and close 149 contract air traffic control towers to meet obligations under the sequester, which cuts the agency budget by roughly $600 million this year. The FAA’s budget has soared, but air traffic has declined since the Great Recession. Why is more money needed for less? Republicans Stated in rebuttal. Confused? “There’s a lot of dramatics going on,” said Spencer Dickerson of the American Association of Airport Executives. 71 percent of FAA operations money goes to pay controllers, supervisors, air safety inspectors and technicians. When having high personnel costs has to cut about 5 to 8 percent of its annual budget in just seven months it starts with cutting personnel.

Geist also brought up the political “blame game” in Washington over the sequester and actually noted GOP criticism of the White House: “Members of the Senate, Republicans blaming President Obama, saying he actually wanted this to force someone’s hand in all of this.””Ambushes on key transportation routes are a hallmark of guerrilla operations, causing both economic and political disruption.” ~

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The furloughs have resulted in slower air traffic in major cities, as well as delays and disruptions across the country causing both economic and political disruption. Have personal political agendas and lack of compromise resulted in an all out guerrilla war between this nations politicians? “You didn’t inform the Congress of this sequester impact, and what you planned to do about it,” Rogers charged. “In fact, the entire administration has done the same thing. … This imperial attitude on the part of the administration — and you’re the most recent example of that imperialism — is disgusting.” On Tuesday, airports across the country saw more than 1,025 delays that were “attributable to staffing reductions resulting from the furlough,” according to an FAA statement. “There were more than 975 additional delays as a result of weather and other factors,” the agency said.

While legislators continued to gaslight the administration for inflicting unnecessary pain on Americans, Rogers did admit that Congress’ original intent regarding sequestration was to make the cuts painful, since the legislation was created as a tool to force lawmakers to come up with something better. Huerta should have provided better ideas to airlines sooner.A hearing of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation illustrated the tension some in Washington are feeling in light of the delays. House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers engaged FAA Administrator Michael Huerta in a heated back-and-forth, claiming the agency did not give those in the aviation industry and in Congress enough time to plan for these cuts.

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We all know it. We all know it. The sequester, by the way, or “seekester,” as pronounced by Sheila Jackson Lee from your state, from Houston, the sequester is Obama’s idea. They’re trying to blame the Republicans for it, but the sequester as a strategy, as a procedure, the sequester was Barack Obama’s idea. Now, the decision here, the FAA, which is the Obama regime, to reduce air traffic controllers, is to blame Republicans. This is all political. This is an effort — you know it, I know it, everybody in this audience knows it — it is an effort to have low-information people get ticked off over flight delays and crowded airplanes and all the other things that happen when there are aircraft slowdowns, airline slowdowns, so that they end up blaming Republicans for this, because everything is about 2014. ~RUSH LIMBAUGH

Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public of mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political. ~Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” ~Winston Churchill

Propaganda in totalitarian regimes is easy to recognize for its blatant and crude methods. In democratic societies, on the other hand, propaganda is often disguised. In a nation where the public is required to think and act according to the collective good of society, the use of blatant propaganda would most likely not be questioned.

In a nation with free will and thought, however, things aren’t so simple. The use of propaganda must be sneaky and disguised. If blatant propaganda were used in such a country, there would be such a reaction from the public that the government would suffer. Given this, it is imperative that propaganda in a democratic nation be of a different nature.Propaganda agents generally attempt to relay their message with as few sources as possible, as to avoid confusion and contradiction. The propagandist also tends to separate himself from the audience as he assumes a position of superiority.

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With this in mind, it is important to distinguish between the three different types of propaganda; white, grey, and black. White propaganda, associated with overt psychological operations, is issued from a credible source. Propaganda of the grey sort does not specifically name a reference. Black propaganda, the most evil kind, pretends to be from a source other than the true one, a tactic used for covert psychological operations. The main objective for propaganda is to unite behind the belief that what is being done is in the best interest of everyone. To achieve this, the opponent must be demonized by certain principles, which at the same token, are not used to judge the self. This, inevitably, leads to questions regarding the double standard and hypocrisy of their methods. “The most effective propaganda relies on framing rather than on falsehood. By bending the truth rather than breaking it, using emphasis and other auxiliary embellishments, communicators can create a desired impression without resorting to explicit advocacy and without departing too far from the appearance of objectivity.” (Michael Parenti, political scientist)

In fact, as DailyKos reported, a poll last month by ABC and Washington Post found that 47% blame Republicans for sequester, and 33% blame President Obama. The previous poll was 45-32 Republicans to blame.People are beginning to notice the Obama administration’s cynical strategy to inflict the most damaging cuts possible under his sequester. The facts are starting to come out, and as the Wall Street Journal notes, “the story gets worse the closer we look.”

Via the WSJ:As travellers nationwide are learning, the White House has decided to express its dislike of the sequester—otherwise known as modestly smaller government—by choosing to cut basic air traffic control services. We wrote about this human- rights violation on Tuesday in “Flight Delays as Political Strategy,” but the story gets worse the closer we look.
Start with the Federal Aviation Administration, better known as the Postal Service without the modern technology. Flyers directly fund two-thirds of the FAA’s budget through 17 airline taxes and fees—about 20% of the cost of a $300 domestic ticket, up from 7% in the 1970s. Yet now the White House wants to make this agency that can’t deliver what passengers are supposedly paying for.

Though controllers will be furloughed for one of every 10 working days, four of every 10 flights won’t arrive on time.
The FAA projects the delays will rob one out of every three travellers of up to four hours of their lives waiting at the major hubs. Congress passed a law in 2009 that makes such delays illegal, at least if they are the responsibility of an airline. Under President Obama’s “passenger bill of rights,” the carriers are fined millions of dollars per plane that sits on the tarmac for more than three hours. But sauce for the goose is apparently an open bar for the FAA gander.They sum it all up:

It is actively creating even more delays, cancellations and missed connections in order to incite a public outcry on behalf of bigger government.The President’s strategy is clear: use his sequester’s painful cuts to scare Americans into thinking cutting spending is bad. Unfortunately for the President, that requires convincing Americans that there is no waste whatsoever in the federal government that could be cut instead.

Did anyone notice that there has not been a budget passed for the first 4 years Obama took office? For the first time in history?

If these are the ideas and presented solutions for fiscal responsibility by Barrack Obama then how can it be viewed as such while the American people and the economy suffer the effects?

“As a result of the administration’s poor planning and, I would argue, political motives, thousands of people were stuck on tarmacs over the past few days,” McConnell said. “The FAA’s mismanagement of this issue is a source of bipartisan frustration. Our goal here shouldn’t be to score political points on the backs of weary travelers; it should be to fix the problem.”
McConnell called on Mr. Obama and the FAA “to be smarter and more transparent about the sequester,” arguing, “not all government spending is created equally.” White House spokesman Jay Carney countered that only Congress has the ability to reverse course on the furloughs by shifting resources, but pointed out that because 70 percent of the FAA’s budget deals with personnel, “there is simply no way to avoid furloughs.”
Barrack Obama forced his medical coverage termed “Obama Care”, but let us see that blame shift again…On the weekend Jack Lew, who has just been named Barack Obama’s chief of staff after serving as his budget director, defended the Senate by saying it couldn’t pass a budget without 60 votes, i.e. without the cooperation of some Republicans. Republicans jumped on Mr Lew, pointing out that under Congress’ budget procedure, a budget resolution cannot be filibustered and thus only needs a simple majority vote – typically 51 votes – to pass. Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post’s fact checker, awarded Mr Lew four Pinocchios, the top score, for fibbing. ~Feb 15th 2012, 22:36 by G.I. | WASHINGTON D.C.

So yes, the Senate could pass a budget resolution, but without the cooperation of the house or 60 votes, that resolution would not take effect; it would be an empty gesture. The fact that the House managed to pass a budget last year, including a major overhaul of Medicare, reflects its different rules that allow it to deem the budget resolution to have taken effect. But it didn’t ultimately matter: the provisions in its budget, including the Medicare changes, were not binding on the Senate.Aren’t you glad you asked?

“It is, long-term, a cost to the nation, and I think that all we’re doing is enabling the administration to do what we think it can do right now, but says it can’t,” Blumenthal said of the furloughs. “I believe the administration ought to postpone these furloughs at least for 30 days to give the congress an opportunity to act. As a member of the Commerce Committee, I think that our authority certainly would permit a more flexible and effective response to sequestration requirements.”The Senate can provide that solution but have blamed the house.

Who caused this fiasco or better yet whose idea were the cuts?

In his 2013 State of the Union address, President Obama said that we must invest in the true engine of America’s economic growth – a rising and thriving middle class.However,

“Did I hear you correctly say that you first gave the airlines and airports and the infrastructure notice of how this thing was going to be applied last Wednesday?” Rogers asked Huerta.
“No,” Huerta said. “What I said was that we provided notification to them of the general impact – ”
Rogers cut him off.
“I’m not worried about general impact. I want you to tell us when you told them the details of which airports at what times … would have trouble. Now that was last Wednesday as I understand it.
” Tuesday,” Huerta said.

“Last Tuesday, pardon me. Which was a few days before it went into effect,” Rogers clarified.
“That’s correct,” said Huerta.At the White House, press secretary Jay Carney said that if Congress “wants to address specifically the problems caused by the sequester with the FAA, we would be open to looking at that.
“But that would be a Band-Aid measure,” he added. “And it would not deal with the many other negative effects of the sequester, the kids kicked off of Head Start, the seniors who aren’t getting Meals on Wheels, and the up to three-quarter of a million of Americans who will lose their jobs or will not have jobs created for them.”
The Obama Administration’s and FAA’s Furlough PlansOn Sunday, April 21, 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chose to begin furloughing air traffic controllers and all other employees in order to implement sequestration and meet required savings of five percent. Although the Administration knew about the potential for sequestration since November 2011, it waited until April 16, 2013 – just days before the furloughs were set to begin – to inform Congress and U.S. airlines of its plans and warn that major delays could result.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and FAA Administrator Michael Huerta issued a list of cities that could experience delays of up to more than two hours due to furloughs. Although the FAA has stated it has flexibility to reduce costs in other ways, it has chosen a very public and painful way to implement sequestration.President Obama had been warning about the fallout of the $85 billion of automatic cuts for months and proposed a replacement in his 2014 budget. The sequester was authorized under the 2011 Budget Control Act with Obama’s blessing, but he subsequently argued that the across the board cuts would do too much damage to defense and domestic programs and called for a replacement that included tax increases.

The sequester was authorized under the 2011 Budget Control Act with Obama’s blessing.Lets review:

When Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood appeared on network and cable television last week and told Americans to expect massive delays at airports because of a “disaster” caused by the sequester, he accomplished two things: He scared travelers who were told that air-traffic controllers would be laid off, and he gave the airline business heartburn over potential revenue losses.

LaHood was one of a dozen cabinet members in the Obama administration who appeared in the media to make the case to abandon the budget cuts imposed by the sequester, a plan agreed upon by the president.

“Ambushes on key transportation routes are a hallmark of guerrilla operations, causing both economic and political disruption.”The main objective for propaganda is to unite behind the belief that what is being done is in the best interest of everyone. To achieve this, the opponent must be demonized by certain principles, which at the same token, are not used to judge the self. This, inevitably, leads to questions regarding the double standard and hypocrisy of their methods. “The most effective propaganda relies on framing rather than on falsehood. By bending the truth rather than breaking it such as the blame game.

Diversion?The Obama Administration has put forward an opening bid in what are sure to be contentious 2014 budget negotiations, issuing a solidly progressive transportation budget that calls for increased overall spending and continued investment in passenger rail.

The $76 billion transportation budget would represent a 5.5 percent, or $4 billion, spending increase over 2012 levels.

In addition, the president repeated his call for $50 billion in stimulus-style funding in 2014.

Hidden agenda? or just coincidence?To be noted Governor Rick Scott shot down the rail.

Why not fix the FAA first? Bad policies and decisions? Pointing the blame at everyone else?

It reminds this reporter of an old childhood saying “while you are pointing your finger at someone else 4 more are pointing back at you”.

This has been another objective review by The Objective Review.

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