Jared Leto: Closer To The World

Jared Leto, 30 June 2013, is getting closer to the edge or closer to the world. Some bands schedule shows and fans scurry to get back stage tickets. However, today one group of musicians is giving back to fans. Jared Leto arranged a surprise show with his band 30 Seconds to Mars in London.

‘We didn’t get locked up,’ Jared joked to Q magazine. ‘I thought there was a pretty decent potential for us to get arrested.’

The fans were so close that at one point, being without security, he had to ask them to step back. They have arranged surprise shows all over for what appears to be a more personal out reach and connection withpeople and their fans.

‘It was getting a little hectic. A total clusterf**k. It’s not like we have security or anything,’ he explained.

Getting away after the performance was done by sneaking off through the crowd. Music brings people together and this band appears to be right on key. The group have played similarly private shows in New York and Los Angeles and plan to continue doing so. For them, it’s a way of giving back to their fans.

‘A lot of people there, like us, will never forget it,’ Jared said. ‘You’re a foot and a half away from everybody. It doesn’t get more up close and personal than that. It’s as exposed as you could ever be as a performer.’

‘Well Jared, the fans will never forget it either we are sure. Keep up the great performances and keep the music flowing.’ ~The Objective Review

About The Objective Review - Journalist Joseph Kirk
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