Brevard County: Deprato – Watzke Family Update

Today, June 6, 2013, it appears Sonya ‘Lisa’ Deprato and her neighbor Jef Fesler had something to say about the Watzke children who Sonya Lisa Deprato has aided in wrongfully taking from Brevard County located in the state of Florida.

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Comments on the Watzke story.

Jeff Fesler and Sonya Deprato team up in comments on The Objective Review’s Facebook page.


  • Lisa Freeman DePrato And you’re right, there are NO facts to this story!
  • Lisa Freeman DePrato Thanks, Jeff, people keep telling me that the ones who know and love me wouldn’t believe everything that these people have put all over the internet. Slander…that’s the way to handle it? Thanks again, you and your family are the best friends and neighbors anyone could ever ask for!
  • Jeff Fesler um, got a question. how is a drug addict a drug dealer? When a person testifies now do they speak for other people? also would there might maybe be a reason that there is an emergency injunction in placete? I mean, reporters DO find the reason for things right? seems a little slanted and without facts. just a lot of statements/ assumptions ….could it be that the father is under investigation for child abuse? possibly?
    It appears Jeff Fesler is a neighbor of Sonya Deprato who made a comment on the story while blocking all contact information on his facebook page from the review. We stand behind our reporting and we make our contact information public for inquiry, as reporters do. After the comments made, The Objective Review has more questions for inquiry.
    According to the sworn testimony in Florida, who is Jeff Fesler? Is he the neighbor the Depratos are purchasing the drugs from? Is he the mysterious man that spends the night now and then as testified to? Is he just an uninformed neighbor being used to aid in the Depratos ongoing slander to avoid jurisdiction in Florida? Who is Jeff Fesler?
    The testimony in Florida was to the effect Mandy Deprato said there was no investigation as there was no evidence. She further stated she lived with the mother Sonya Lisa Deprato and had no job. According to that testimony Mandy Deprato stated she and her mother Sonya Lisa Deprato did drugs. When asked where they got the money for the drugs they stated it came from Sonya Lisa Deprato’s state assistance.
    The drug use by the Depratos was backed up by multiple witnesses not just Mandy Deprato.  However today Sonya Lisa Deprato would again use slander to threaten the objective review while fleeing Florida Jurisdiction. Mandy Deprato (Watzke children’s mother), daughter of Sonya Lisa Deprato, was ordered to return the children and not to relocate them from Florida to Tennessee. Instead she fled jurisdiction and apparently obtained the aid of Sonya Deprato to hide them out in Tennessee based on the alleged Florida investigation she told the court in Florida did not exist.
    However she fled to Tenessee the next day and told a Tennesse Judge, Judge Hinson, a Florida investigation existed. It takes no more than common sense to address this issue. Florida would not have awarded the father custody had an investigation existed.
    FLA. CONST. ARTICLE I SECTION 4.Freedom of speech and press.—Every person may speak, write and publish sentiments on all subjects but shall be responsible for the abuse of that right. No law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speechor of the press. In all criminal prosecutions and civil actions for defamation the truth may be given in evidence. If the matter charged as defamatory is true and was published with good motives, the party shall be acquitted or exonerated.
    History.—Am. proposed by Constitution Revision Commission, Revision No. 13, 1998, filed with the Secretary of State May 5, 1998; adopted 1998.
    Why have the Depratos fled Florida Jurisdiction where the evidence is clear?
    Jeff Fessler shows the Deprato intent for fleeing jurisdiction.

    Jeff Fessler shows the Deprato intent for fleeing jurisdiction.