CPS OR CHILD PROTECTIVE [DIS] SERVICES, KIDNAPS CHILDREN BY THE MILLIONS EVERY YEAR, AND THOUSANDS DIE IN THE “CARE” OF C.P.S. WITH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN CALIFORNIA FILTHY HISTORY OF KIDNAPING CHILDREN UNDER COLOR-OF-LAW [lessness] with cops used as the NAZI storm Troopers, Tim Donnelly, a new comer to elective politics, steps up to the base and STANDS against the Lawless , criminal acts and secretcy, that State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson [ of Santa Barbara County] has long tolerated and encouraged with every vote, along with the majority of the California State Legislature which no longer represents anyone but the money & corporate interests which destroy American Liberty.

This includes part of the speech on the CAPITOL Steps of Sacramento, as well as Anna Nikilayev story of BEING TERRORIZED by Cops & C.P.S. a day after the cops already checked her and baby and saw the baby was in NO STRESS, NO HARM,

… YET, do to FALSEHOODs written by High School Graduates working as Child Protective Services, or college grads with NO MORAL compass other than to maximize their bonuses for kidnaping OTHER peoples children…. SCREAMS for INDICTMENT for multiple felonies under color of Law.

Tim Donnelly is the first to stand up to a brutal, ruthless, callus regime of secretcy and systematic LIES for Profits and pensions. CLEARLY , by DHHS own website more children are murdered or killed by neglect IN FOSTER homes , than in the biological homes. And Federal Government subsidizes the MURDER by C.P. S. and foster pediaphiles.

Anna’s story was NOT that EXTREME, it was mild. But, she called the RUSSIAN Government, and had her baby back in 3 days. Millions of Americans SCREAM for help and are only sold out by callus uncaring greedy Attorneys, and Judges who fatten their own pockets. How is that for Irony. More Justice in a rotten American System for foreign born Russian Anna & Alex than for naitive born Americans who have NO ONE TO REPRESENT THEM OR LISTEN TO THEM.

The issue is ratio. THE ISSUE IS RATIO.

How can 80 State Assemblymen “LISTEN” to 40 million people in California,

1 per 500,000. Of Course, they can NOT.

That is why in part, it has taken 25 years for just 1 of the 80 to stand up, and ONLY with the Russian Government and Ch – 10 noticing the brutal tactics of the CPS liars.

WE NEED Legislation that appoints SPECIAL GRAND JURYs to investigate CORRUPTION, R.I.C.O. type , by Child Protective Services and the cops that helped them. INDICTMENTS for multiple FELONIES are needed.

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