Linden Tennessee: State assistance funds used to finance local drug dealers

Tennessee Governor Haslam

Tennessee Governor Haslam

Ten. Gov.

Mandy C. Deprato sworn under oath in Florida testified that she and her mother, Sonya Deprato are drug addicts. Today, May 23, 2013 they are using Tennessee S.S.I. to purchase those drugs by Deprato’s own admission under oath. Mandy fled Florida with 2 children contrary to court order. She was ordered not to relocate the children and in fact return them to their father immediately.

Florida court Judge Turner ordered for law enforcement to aid Mr. Watzke in the return of his children. A Linden Tennessee sheriff deputy upon our investigation stated he viewed the order unenforceable. Stating ‘the way I see it Mandy doesn’t have the children so this order is unenforceable.’ Mandy fled Florida refusing to return the children as ordered and then allegedly abandoned them with her mother who she lived with.

The deputies statement appears to approve of anyone who illegally takes children to Linden Tennessee may leave them with a family member or neighbor and a court order is then nullified because ‘they don’t have them’.

However, it would appear this violates Tennessee Code as to anyone assisting with or gaining physical custody of a child through unlawful means has committed a crime and/or become an accessory. We attempted several times to contact the Governor of Tennessee and even emailed the media department for comment a few weeks ago. Today we contacted his office again and will be following up Tomorrow.

The children were awarded to the father in Brevard County Florida where no ‘investigation’ exists. If there had been any investigation the judge would not have awarded custody to the father. Mrs. Hinson, Linden Tennessee Judge has claimed emergency jurisdiction for two years based on their may be an investigation in Florida as reports show. Our question is: What is emergency jurisdiction in Linden Tennessee? Is it two children being left with dishonest drug addicts using state money to buy drugs in the neighborhood they have fled to with these children? Or in the interim is it based on a Florida investigation Tennessee has no jurisdiction over and in fact doesn’t exist?

They are already using state assistance to buy drugs, will they be allowed to continue with this fraud to then defraud the federal government for funds to further support their drug habits?


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