Press release: Did Florida Gov. Rick Scott reject or reserve on Amazon deal

Amazon deal Gov. Scott takes a closer look
Amazon deal Gov. Scott takes a closer look
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has made job creation his top priority since coming into office, has rejected a proposed deal to bring major Internet retailer Amazon to the state.

It is reported Florida Governor Rick Scottultimately said no to a deal that would have led to the construction of Amazonwarehouses that could create thousands of jobs in the state. However the business world of today is complex and strictly regulated to protect the economy, consumers, workers, business owners and the jobs market. A lot of factors weigh in on decisions like this.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie previously reached an agreement under which Amazon would ‘collect sales taxes’ on his state’s online purchases in exchange for locating distribution facilities there according to theWall Street Journal.

Communications Director, Melissa Sellers, released this statement today uponThe Objective Review’s inquiry: “Amazon officials discussed building a facility in the state by the end of 2015 if the Department of Revenue could reach agreement on their sales tax collections. We were not able to reach an agreement in those discussions. Governor Scott does not want to raise taxes in Florida, and we are confident Amazon will invest in our state because of our low-tax, pro-business jobs climate.”

Which correlates with the previous statement: “As a major company with the ability to make a significant economic impact in our state, we wanted to understand how Amazon could partner with the state in a way to create more jobs and opportunities,” Melissa Sellers, a spokeswoman for Scott, said late Wednesday. “Amazon worked with our office, along with other cabinet agency offices, to draft agreements related to possible changes in sales tax collection and the company’s presence in our state. We were ultimately not able to reach an agreement.”

What has been reported as rejection may actually mean reserving on a decision for further deliberations. A corporation of Amazon’s size would in fact create jobs in Florida but also have an impact on other businesses in throughout the region. Amazon wanted to defer collecting the Florida sales tax until next February. However, regulating businesses in Florida costs money, to oversee, protect consumers, guarantee employee rights and many other issues that present a very long, responsible and well thought out list of regulations. It would present unfair advantages in the market place to give Amazon a tax free ride through the Christmas holiday and New Year season while other businesses have to collect those taxes.

Such an allowance would hurt the current local businesses and presents possibility of adverse effects on the job market in Florida that could even result in layoffs. Furthermore, without collecting Florida sales tax where would the money come from to guarantee all those protections for the workers, consumers and other businesses? It appears the tax payer would then take that burden for such a large corporation such as Amazon. There are fair trade regulations in place not only locally but federally with the trade commission including anti-trust laws. What it appears Governor Scott did was protect the local businesses and economy of Florida which the job market depends on.

Although Governor Scott and Amazon have not yet come to an agreement, it appears Governor Scott wants what is best for Florida and Amazon as a business wants whats best for Amazon. However, if and once an agreement is reached, that will be the agreement beneficial for all, in a nation guaranteed by the constitutions we keep, to provide justice, which equates prosperity for all.


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