Breaking news: In Brevard locals team up to conceal crimes

Breaking news: In Brevard locals team up to conceal crimes

Brevard County Sheriff
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In Brevard County it appears conspiracy and collusion has become the norm for some locals and attorneys who plot to conceal crimes to beat the statute of limitationsMajor Andrew WaltersBrevard County Sheriff’s Department, stated the statute of limitations had run out and he could not comment on whether a crime was committed or not. Major Walters said there must be a report for them to investigate and he could not investigate if the statute of limitations had run out. Major Walters also stated he had no knowledge of the event until now.

What happened? Who did it? How and why? The answer is simple although it may appear complex.
Location: Brevard County Sheriff

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Andrew Walters has 23-years of law enforcement service with the Brevard CountySheriff’s Office and currently Commands the Sheriff’s North Precinct. Mr. Walters served as the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson for over 3 years (2005-2008). At the rank of Major, he served as a Countywide Watch Commander, Commanded the Special Operations Division and served as the Assistant Precinct Commander to North Precinct prior to his current assignment of Commanding the Sheriff’s North Precinct. He is the current President of Brevard County TRIAD Inc., a non-profit organization serving senior citizens in Brevard County. In addition to TRIAD, he serves on the Board of Directors for Central Florida Crimeline and Crosswinds Youth Services.

Accordingly, it would appear at first glance the statute of limitations has run out for a kidnapping that took place May 5th, 2010, found as fact in a court of law on June 17th, 2010, while the Melbourne Police Department made no arrest. Complaints were made about the Melbourne Officers involved and the Chief of Police Steve Mimbs was informed of their actions. Internal affairs would should have head up that investigation as the internal affairs unit is under direct authority of the Chief of Police.

These officers entered conflicting reports that falsify statements made by the parents in aid of the kidnapper, Yvonne Howard, and her attorney Scarlett Davidson of Culmer and Davidson P.A.. This is proven as they refused to issue a missing child report for a period of 2 weeks while the child was missing. At the time, Brevard County Sheriff’s Department said because it had taken place in Melbourne that it was the Melbourne Police Department’s Jurisdictionand they lacked jurisdiction. At that time the parents contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who then contacted the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department who issued the missing child report 2 weeks after the child was kidnapped by Yvonne Howard as found as fact in a court of law according to Florida Statute 787.03 and 787.04.

As a point of law the statute of limitations indeed has run out on the initial act but it was also found by witnesses and 2 Florida Bar certified Attorneys on June 17, 2010 that Yvonne Howard was interfering again, with the ratifying actions of her attorney Scarlett Davidson attempting to conceal those acts, in which the statute of limitations has not run out on. Will they be allowed to avoid prosecution by the limitations again? The limitations on that incident will run out this June in 2013.


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