IRS scandal update: Officials testifying still withholding information

IRS scandal update: Officials testifying still withholding information

Rep. Paul Ryan inquires with IRS inspector General
Rep. Paul Ryan inquires with IRS inspector General
Alex Wong / Getty images

May 17, 2013 the commission inquired with the IRS about the single out scandal of which some cases with the IRS have been unresolved for the course of 3 years over the period of 2 election cycles. The acting IRS commissioner, who has resigned, appeared very uncooperative with the commission yesterday.I was determined not only were individuals and organizations singled out for their names and beliefs but many improper questions were asked of them in the application process that improperly delayed 501(C)4 applications.

The commission repeatedly inquired for the name or names of individuals responsible without success as Miller, resigned IRS Inspector General, avoided or conveniently could not recall. Miller appearing to be not involved was asked if he would disclose his emails, phone records and conversations and responded ‘we will have to talk about that but I’m not saying no.’ Miller was also asked if he notified his superiors and replied ‘I’m not sure why I would have to notify the superiors it was in the papers’ it is understood he implied the newspapers, ‘ I dont remember whether we made a referral or if I made a referral at that time.’ Is it now understood that the inspector general relies on the newspaper to make reports for the IRS to IRS superiors rather than a formal report?

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