Strange Breaking News: Outbreak in Ocala Florida (Photos)

Strange Breaking News: Outbreak in Ocala Florida (Photos)


After investigation, May 11 2013, of the Ocala City Hall outbreak, it appears information may have been known previous to the events of last night. A report of interviews with public officials and the local citizens has been uncovered as to the source responsible for the event.Ocala, a peaceful community, experienced the disturbance in the vicinity of the downtown square just after 6 P.M. Friday.

The participants seemed to be in a trance with a hunger and desire never seen before. The event shook the foundations of reality deep into the night hours. Citizens appeared like villagers to fend off the unquenchable hunger of what once lay dead and lost. Throughcreativity and innovative ingenuity it appears Bronson Mosley managed to catch the occurrence on video with the help offamily and friends.

Ocala Resident appears to be examining outbreak infection
Ocala Resident appears to be examining outbreak infection
Photo credit:
Only Another Day Community Film Project

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Location: Ocala City Manager

29.185302 ; -82.133515

Despite fear, madness and complete insanity, a man survived hiding in the bushes located at the edge of the steps leading to the entrance of Ocala City Hall. Though the man’s name is still unknown, it is reported he saved the lives of a few locals fleeing to the doors in the entry way. A lady screaming could be heard in the street as it appearssomeone or something was chasing her. At this time it is not known whether or not she survived the outbreak.

The day before it is reported an interview was conducted at Ocala City Hall about the outbreak, before it actually took place. Bronson Mosley met with an Ocala City Official to speak with them a day before the outbreak took place. It appears the outbreak may have been contained by the proper planning and preparations put in place by Only Another Day and the city official.

Due to the many members of the community and open communication with the local government the event ended in success. Photographers and reporters rushed to the scene taking as many photographs and statements as ‘humanly’ possible. Statements from interviews and reports are being released to answer the questions circulating among the communities.

What happened in downtown Ocala Friday night?

Who was involved?

Why did this happen?

How could this happen?

Where did the outbreak come from?

The most important question is currently being investigated.

Who has survived?

This has been a breaking news report, with strange news from Ocala, Florida with The Objective Review.


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